Wednesday, October 30, 2013

THE AWFUL MESS: A LOVE STORY by Sandra Hutchison @SheerHubris #GreatBookDeal

The Awful Mess: A Love Story
Sandra Hutchison

Young divorcee Mary Bellamy has left behind the Boston 'burbs for tiny Lawson, New Hampshire. Instead of the soothing anonymity she'd expected, she's soon coping with attentions from Arthur, an unhappily-married Episcopal priest who’d like to save her heathen soul, but is susceptible to more earthly temptations. Then there's her romance with Winslow, the handsome cop (and excellent kisser) who confuses her by being in favor of gay rights, but opposed to sex before marriage. 

Soon Mary is also coping with a crushing job loss, a pregnancy that wasn’t supposed to be possible, a scandalous secret she must keep even at the expense of all her hopes, and an angry ex-husband whose disintegration threatens all that she has left. 

With 87 reviews averaging 4-plus stars, you don't want to miss this sunnier, sexier twist on The Scarlet Letter.

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