Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bold and Gutsy Suspense, Prime Target by @EllisVidler is a #NewRelease #GreatBookDeal!

Prime Target
Ellis Vidler
After witnessing her husband’s murder, Madeleine Schier becomes a killer’s target.

She flees her upscale New York life to become a name on a tombstone, relying on her wits and imagination to survive in a world where danger is everywhere. One wrong move could be her last. Should she trust the damaged recluse who’s always near? 

Before long, her new life turns into her old nightmare when crimes that were once distant horrors on the nightly news turn up on her doorstep.

Don't miss this, as one reader wrote, 'Bold and gutsy with nail-biting tension', New Release by the bestselling author of The McGuire Women Series with more than a hundred reviews averaging five stars!

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