Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Legend of the Gamesmen Series by @Sparkes777 #Fantasy #GreatBookDeal

The Legend of the Gamesmen Series
Jo Sparkes

When a young apprentice makes a mysterious elixir from a recipe in an old book, she's suddenly the talisman for a daring Gamesman - and the weapon in the conspiracy against a prince.

Marra never heard of Birr Elixir. But when Drail sees the potion in her dead mistress's book, she agrees to make it. Even lacking the right ingredient. 

And after drinking it, Drail and his men defeat a Skullan team - something no one has ever done before. Marra is offered a place as his traveling potions mistress. Full of doubts of her own ability, she takes the chance to escape her slave-like existence. Then her potions woke a man who was not supposed to wake. 

Now, every day draws more attention from the True Masters. And their motives – and morals – are not for the faint of heart. If they discover the truth … 

With more than thirty reviews in the series averaging four-plus stars and the fact that you can start the series for only $0.99, don’t miss this fun and imaginative fantasy for all ages.

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