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A NOBLE DECEPTION by @VeronicaBale1 is a #HistoricalRomance #GreatBookDeal

A Noble Deception
Veronica Bale

Scotland, 1455. King James the Second is caught in a bitter feud with the powerful Black Douglas clan. 

After the king's latest insult - the unjust confiscation of Douglas lands - Lord John Douglas, Earl of Kildrummond, fears his quiet realm will be next. In a bid to thwart the king's ambition, the ailing nobleman deems that his successor will not be a Douglas. Instead, Kildrummond will pass to a distant relation: the landless, wealthless Lachlan Ramsay. There is one catch, however ... Lachlan must marry Lord Kildrummond's illegitimate daughter, Moira MacInnes. 

Lachlan does not wish for a wife. Moira does not wish for a husband. The arrangement on offer, however, will give them both the one thing they do wish for: Kildrummond. If they agree to marry - on the understanding that they will have the union swiftly annulled upon the earl's death - they will both get what they want. 

It is a simple enough plan, but can they carry their deception through to the end? When passions ignite, will Moira and Lachlan discover they want more than just Kildrummond? 

With a five-star rating and less than a latte, don't miss this new release in historical romance by the bestselling author of the Highland Loyalties Trilogy.

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