Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bestselling Keller Family Series by @WritesRomance #GreatBookDeal

Tyler Benson’s world was shaken with the news that he had a sister—one he never knew he had. Though he loves his sister, and his family remains a tightly woven unit, he simply can’t shake the feeling of betrayal from his mother. After a sabbatical from his family to find himself it is time to head back home and try to pick up the pieces of his life.

Courtney Fields has learned to deal with many tragedies. Losing her sight at eight-years-old was only a challenge that gave her many other skills. Now dealing with the loss of her brother in combat will no doubt teach her new lessons in life.

When Tyler meets Courtney on a South bound flight to Nashville he couldn’t possibly have expected that she’d be his lesson in accepting the things he cannot change or control. But can he reciprocate in helping her accept the loss of her brother when she learns the truth of his death?

The Keller Family Series can be read in any order. But if you want to start at the beginning, the first book is FREE!

Book One ~ The Executive's Decision ~ FREE!
Book Two ~ A Second Chance
Book  Three ~ Opposite Attraction
Book Four ~ Center Stage 
Book Five ~ Lost and Found
Book Six ~ Love Songs
Book Seven ~ Home Run
Book Eight~ The Acceptance

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