Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bestselling James Blake Mystery Series @Seb_Kirby #GreatBookDeal

James Blake Series
Seb Kirby

Nothing like a murder to get the blood flowing...

James Blake and his family can only be safe if the truth about the conspiracy threatening their lives is brought into the full light of day. Follow James in this intriguing thriller as he returns to London and Italy to confront those seeking to destroy his family. As the mystery comes to a resounding climax, he discovers that dark secrets have survived down the centuries and are in the hands of those who threaten all those dear to him. 

Dark secrets revealed in a thrilling climax... 

With more than a hundred reviews averaging four stars and the fact that you can get all three novels for less than the price of one of the some of the other thrillers on Amazon, you’ll want to snatch up these bestsellers.

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