Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Release by bestselling author @DermotDavis1, MR. PSYCHIC #GreatBookDeal Romance Humor

Mr. Psychic
Dermot Davis

Are you ever too old to find not just yourself but the woman of your dreams? Sometimes you have to lose it all to find everything...

Divorced with one grown up son, George has only his retirement to look forward to. Carefully scrimping and saving for his future life of expectant ease, he gets the shock of his life when he is let go from his employment. 

With his entire retirement in serious jeopardy, George is thrown into a panicked tailspin. Facing a job market heavily skewed towards youth, he finds out first hand exactly what aging means in America today. Ignored by employers, to the point of invisibility, and after many entirely useless excursions into the employment market (can you say humiliating job interviews?), George takes the only job that is offered to him: he becomes a telephone psychic.

In the fight for his own financial survival, George is forced to dig deep and find out exactly what he is made of. And then he meets Mimi. It is in the act of being forced down a path that he did not choose that George finds not just himself but the woman that has been missing from his life, all along.

Had he stayed true to the imagined life that he was sure he always wanted, then true love and true happiness would have passed him right by...

From the award-winning author Dermot Davis comes another bestseller that will tickle your funny bone and your heart, proving you're never too old to find yourself. 

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