Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Great Books Great Deals Website for NEW RELEASES only!

If you've followed me for any length of time, you know I'm always looking for a need in the Indie writing community. I realize authors need a way to expose their new books without giving them away. After all, more than likely, you've given readers plenty of new books, but now you need them to know you have a new book available.

And readers like myself are always looking for a great new read at a great deal from an author we love. So this site will be dedicated to new releases only.

But since I cater to a select set of readers, I do have a few rules.

New release has to be within six months of date of request and at least one of your current books must qualify for our regular website

Here are the rules for at least ONE of your current books.
Please read before submitting:

We're sorry, but if you do not qualify, we cannot promote your book. This website serves very select readers. Please feel free to submit when you meet the criteria listed.

Books considered must be $3.99 or less, have 20 or more reviews averaging 4+ stars on Amazon, and fit into one of the genres listed below. Sorry, we do not promote nonfiction, children’s books, erotica, or graphic horror.

We shouldn't have to ask, since there is no charge for this service, but when we agree to promote your book and send you the six sites where we post your book, please follow, like, and share. This way you get more exposure and the site continues to grow. Most websites charge money, so we feel this is a reasonable request.


Submit your New Release Great Book Deal here.